KOGs: SLAM! Multiplayer - Development Update – July 16, 2021

    July 16, 2021

    What's up, Koggers? Time for another update on what's going on in the development of KOGs: SLAM!

    There are so many things happening, and we're so excited to share everything with you. Before everything else, what we really want you to know is that Closed Beta is now available for both iOS and Android! Yay!

    Next, a lot of people are excited about the multiplayer aspect of the game, so we'll get down to it right away.

    Note: The build release today is for current Closed Beta testers. We will add a new batch of testers to the Closed Beta testing next week.

    Patch Notes - July 16 - Multiplayer Build

    Preview of User Stats - My Play Stats

     Access this by tapping on your name or profile in the game. This will show your stats in the game. This is in preview mode, so the stats you will see are fixed numbers and are not based on your current gameplay.

    Preview of KOINs

    You can access this by tapping on the KOINs icon in the game. You can buy KOINs, and you can also earn them. In future builds, you can use KOINs to buy KOGs or exchange it for RFOX.

    Demo KOGs

    This test build also features NFT KOGs through the Demo KOGs. Very soon, we will all be able to use the KOGs in our WAX wallet inventory!

    Slam Countdown

    To make sure any multiplayer match doesn't waste a lot of your precious time, a countdown timer of 30 Seconds has been added. Slam your slammer within those 30 seconds or it will automatically slam like you slipped your slammer accidentally in the real world.

    Boss Slammers

    Remember the slammers you got in single-player mode whenever you beat a boss? You’ll also be able to use them in multiplayer!

    Multiplayer Mode

    Of course, you want to play with other Koggers! And this is the playmat for that. Just tap on the new Pro Arena button, and you'll get matched with another Kogger.

    Oh, and yes, did we mention that we gave the lobby icons an updated look? Check it out!

    Can't wait to see these features? Join the #FridayWithFadz AMA later in our Discord server for the live demo of this new build. Trust us; it's gonna be fun!

    Note that for the CLOSED BETA build, we will be disabling the single-player mode for a while to test the multiplayer mode. And, as with any game beta build, we will be wiping all user data in our servers before the public launch.

     There you go, lots of things are happening in the game, and we're making sure they are in tip-top shape before releasing it to the public.

    We drop snippets of info in our social media channels and newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to them.

    See you again next week for more updates!

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